Inflation and the Economy

New Mexico’s economy is in shambles, and we are known as a state that sends businesses running to our border states. We must make it easier to do business in New Mexico. Currently, the historically high rates of inflation are placing an extreme burden on families.

Families shouldn’t have to choose between a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas.

Of course, the causes of inflation come from the national level and the federal government. But New Mexico’s state government can help families in a time of high inflation in the following ways:

  1. New Mexico should be a leader in energy production, including ALL viable energy sources. I support the production of New Mexico’s rich energy resources AND cost-effective forms of renewable energy so that we all might have lower gas prices and not continue to fund our enemies abroad. We are living through a time of record inflation and economic pressures, and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the price that families are paying at the pump which impacts the increased prices we pay on everything else. We must reduce the regulatory burden on our energy producers.
  2. We MUST reduce the tax burden on families and business in our state. Our state budget has gotten out of control, and there are plenty of places to trim the fat, starting with the administrative state.
  3. In order to foster a positive climate for exchange of goods, we need to reduce the regulatory burden on food producers as well, especially our farmers and ranchers.